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Foliage at Sunset

Peak fall foliage reflected on a lake - White Mountains, New Hampshire

​For the peak of the New England fall foliage season, I ventured north to the White Mountains to see what I could find. Following an evening exploration of the Valley Way trail at the base of Mount Adams, I noticed the sunset beginning to turn. Knowing the color could fade quickly, I made my way to this quiet lake and began searching for the perfect composition. After a few frames from different vantage points, it seemed as though the opportunity for a fall foliage and sunset photo had passed. The clouds turned gray as I packed up and headed back to the car. Suddenly, some color reappeared in the sky, some thirty minutes after sunset. Excited, I ran to this spot where I knew I could capture both the foliage and sunset colors. With time for just one sixty-second exposure, was careful to make sure the composition was exactly what I wanted. Exploring fall foliage in the White Mountains, New Hampshire is always my favorite autumn pastime, and this particular evening was no exception.

Open Edition - 2016