Product Details

In the summer of 2017, I made the decision to sell my work exclusively in the face-mounted acrylic encapsulation format.  Here’s what that means, and how it benefits you as an art buyer.

Highest quality photographic print

  • Having tested a variety of papers across manufacturers and printers, I have come to the decision that my work is best represented when printed on Fujiflex Crystal Archive. Fujiflex is unlike any other printing material I have worked with.  It offers rich colors, remarkable image sharpness, and completes its superiority with an eye-catching super gloss.  Additionally, the material is resistant to fading and yellowing, which means your artwork holds an exceptional archival value.

Print Preservation

  • The acrylic face-mounting process takes your Fujiflex paper print and permanently adheres it to a ¼-inch crystal acrylic material. This material is UV and scratch resistant, and creates a perception of depth that is not achieved by any other display format.  To protect your print, a 3mm black Sintra backing is applied, creating what is referred to as “encapsulation.”  Between these materials, the print is permanently protected from environmental factors such as humidity, and is also protected against damage from skin oils when the paper is improperly handled without cotton gloves.

Highest Quality Wall Decor Process

  • Today’s wall art industry puts an emphasis on cheap, trendy materials. New commercial printing companies are appearing everywhere, using materials and heat-transferring processes that result in low quality prints.  Because the acrylic process preserves the original photographic print, I find it to be the sharpest and most attractive wall decor option.

Versatile display options

  • Because your photograph is fully protected, the piece is typically delivered “ready to hang”: a one-inch black wooden cleat frame is attached to the Sintra backing of your print.  The cleat hanging system gives your acrylic print the appearance of “floating” off the wall.
  • Alternatively, an acrylic print may also be framed in a mat-less style. When you take the print to a custom framer, you will choose the frame for your piece, but won’t need to purchase the glass.  This reduces the cost of your entire finished piece, because the custom framing glass is usually extremely inflated.  Additionally, your print will not run the risk of being creased, touched, or otherwise damaged during the framing process.

In contrast to my previously offered “standard” sizes, I’ve now made more intermediate sizes available for each photograph.  This change gives you the flexibility to choose the most ideal size for your wall space, framing needs, and/or price point.

All 2017 limited edition prints are signed, titled, and numbered on the back of the piece, and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity – your guarantee of originality and exclusivity.  Certain limited edition prints from 2015 and 2016 were only offered as paper prints.  To keep these editions consistent, they will continue to be printed on Kodak Endura Luster until the editions are closed.

If you have a special need that requires the ability to mat your photograph (such as an interior design theme), please contact me for pricing and include the nature of your need and the desired size.  Because of the special handling requirements, purchasing a non-encapsulated print is strongly discouraged.

Every print is visually inspected before it is shipped to you.  The printing process can take up to 8 business days, and the review process can take up to an additional 6 business days.  Currently, prints are only available for shipping within the contiguous United States.  Expedited and international shipping needs can be accommodated at an extra cost – for pricing, please contact me with details of your need prior to ordering.