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Decaying pilings at Bristol Beach - Cape Cod, Massachusetts

On a windy winter morning, I ventured out to Bristol Beach in Falmouth to scout these decaying pilings. It was exceptionally cold, and when I arrived the tide was too far out for a photograph. The light wasn’t ideal either, so I decided to visit later in the afternoon. When I returned, the biting Cape Cod wind was at its strongest, but the tide and light were both perfect. In composing the image, I decided to center the pilings and align them on the horizon. The cloud movement was perfect for a long exposure scene, especially since the shadows of the pilings were pointing in the opposite direction. Because it was so windy, I had to weight my tripod and draft the entire setup with an umbrella. The effort was worth it, and I left with a panorama that I had envisioned for quite some time.

2017 Epson International Pano Awards: Bronze

Limited Edition - 2017: 50

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