Summer Online Yard Sale

If you've ever moved, you understand the need to downsize and offload as much as you can.  Over a few years of accumulating display items for various shows and craft fairs, I have a stock of photographs built up that I would like to reduce prior to moving later this summer.  Below is a list of pieces that I have in stock and ready to ship, at heavily discounted prices.  Available framed and unframed bird photographic prints can be viewed at my Etsy shop - you do not need an account to purchase through Etsy.  Thank you for looking, and please share this sale with your friends and family!

To make a purchase from this list, click the image and you will be taken directly to the checkout page.


"Repose" - 10x25" - Acrylic, ready to hang - $125


"Celestial" - 11x14" - Acrylic, framed (black) - $80


"Transition" - 11x14" - Acrylic, framed (black) - $80


"Pink House at Sunset" - Photographic Print - **Donation will still apply to these sales (more details on product page) - Click your desired option below for checkout

- 8x12" - $25 - 2 available

- 12x18" - $35 - 6 available

- 16x24" - $55 - 6 available

"Peer" - 12x24" - Acrylic, ready to hang - $150
(white border is for web display purposes and is not part of the printed piece)
Pieces will be removed from this list as they are sold.  Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these listings.